St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Hudnall Park Day 2

Day 2 was all about rivers!


We travelled just up the road to visit the River Gade and conduct a study on it.


The children worked in teams to measure the width of the river and the depth along the width. 

Next, they measured the speed of different parts of the river using a cork.

Finally, they identified the different creatures living in the river. Many children were shocked at the number of different species that could be found in just one part of a river!

Later in the day, the children learnt about small mammals - their habitats and diets. They used this knowledge to create and place mammal traps around the centre.

Check back tomorrow to find out what we find in our traps!

Lastly, we finished the day with a movie night! The children enjoyed popcorn and sweet treats whilst watching a fun movie in their pyjamas.