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  • Wednesday 8 December 2021 Visiting Antarctica Recently, we visited the frozen continent of Antarctica. To launch our exciting learning about this special place, we dressed in our warmest clothes and packed our bags ready for the journey to the South Pole. We even remembered to bring food for the huskies pulling our sledges, warm soup to keep us warm and hot chocolate to warm us after a day out in the ice and biting winds.
  • Tuesday 23 November 2021 Children in Need Year 3 had lots of fun raising money and taking part in the activities for Children in Need week.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Dazzle us for Children in Need This week, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of activities to raise money for Children in Need. We particularly enjoyed crazy hair day, the bubble blowing competition and wearing our sparkly, bright clothes for the non-uniform theme 'Dazzle us'.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Children in Need - Wear your sparkles! Every day this week children across the school have joined in activities to raise money for Children in Need. Today was wear your sparkles day - dazzle us with your clothing!
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Poppy Making Workshop Last week we were luck enough to have two expert paper crafters come and visit year 6 and demonstrate how to craft a beautiful poppy. We layered and curled paper and added a leaf and stamen and gem in the middle. We were proud to wear them in our school remembrance worship. Many thanks to our visitors - Josie and Trish!
  • Thursday 18 November 2021 Matchbox Nativity Today as part of our RE learning about Christmas, the children learnt about how Christianity is celebrated around the world. We learnt about a miniature matchbox sized nativity which can be bought in South America and is used to remember the Christmas story. We spoke about how Christians around the world may bring the Christmas story into their home in different ways.
  • Friday 12 November 2021 Culture Week This week we have 'travelled' around the world exploring many different countries! Finding out about the cultures in our class through parents and carers visiting to give us an insight into the countries they come from such as Greece, The Basque Country and India! We have explored many traditions from other cultures through the arts and have used 'passports' to track where we have travelled! Thank you so much to all of the volunteers it has been fantastic to find out more about where our children originate from.
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Year 6 Remembrance Photo Poems
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Salt dough Houses
  • Friday 22 October 2021 Year 5 Are Shipwrecked! On Monday, year 5 developed a wide range of survival skills.
  • Friday 22 October 2021 Team building! Year 2 enjoyed some super team building activities on Tuesday afternoon. We completed a crane task where we had to manoeuvre wires as a group to control a crane to build a tower. We also had a relay race where we had to fit pieces of tunnel together to pass a ball down the playground, as well as trying land skis in pairs. Finally, we played a stepping stones game where the floor was lava and we had to work out how to get our whole team to the other side. We showed lots of teamwork skills, such as: including everyone, listening to everyone's ideas, taking turns and sharing. Miss Watson and the instructor were very impressed with our patience and determination. Well done Year 2.
  • Friday 22 October 2021 Space Exploration Have you ever wondered exactly how how large the different planets are and how far apart they are?
  • Friday 22 October 2021 YEAR 6 TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE! Today members of year 6 took up the challenge in our BMX workshop to say 'I can do it!' and try out some stunts. They really encouraged each other and challenged themselves as they tried more and more tricky manoeuvers. The excellent instructor was very impressed with their 'can do' attitude and the way they supported each other. Well done to everyone!
  • Thursday 21 October 2021 Buddy Reading We are so lucky to have made fantastic friendships with our Year 6 buddies. Today they came to visit us to share a story or two!
  • Wednesday 20 October 2021 Adventure Squad Year 3 had a fun time using their teamwork skills, creative thinking and cooperation to solve a variety of problems. It was lovely to see the children pulling together to overcome challenges. Well done Year 3.
  • Wednesday 20 October 2021 Enjoying Autumn This morning we enjoyed time in the Forest School area exploring autumn. We investigated the coloursin the world around us and made some beautiful leaf strings, as well as enjoying some moments of mindfulness to take in the sights, sounds and sensations of being in nature at this time of year. We hope you enjoy looking at some of our creations.
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Team Building Challenges
  • Saturday 16 October 2021 Getting to Know the Crew This week, our writing has been based around Ernest Shackleton's 1914 expedition to cross the Antarctic. We were each assigned a crew member and used the internet to research their lives. Wow! what interesting people they were.
  • Thursday 14 October 2021 The Spider and the Fly In Literacy Year 3 have been studying The Spider and the Fly, a poem by Mary Howitt, published in 1829. The children did very well getting to grips with the challenging language and practised reciting the poem with great expression. The highlight for Mrs Freeborn was seeing Year 3 perform 'mini plays' of their version of the cautionary tale with some well crafted paper props. If you don't know the poem, Year 3 will be happy to quote a line or two.
  • Thursday 14 October 2021 Outdoor RE Learning
  • Friday 8 October 2021 Reader's Theatre based on Leon and the Place Between As part of ourliteracy unit, Year 4 have been reading 'Leon and the Place Between'. The children performed part of this magicial story using expression, clarity and inntonation, as well as using their wonderful acting skills. We were lucky with the weather and each group was able to perform their piece to an audience using the outdoor theatre. They performedsowell that you could almost feel the audience shouting out 'Encore!'
  • Friday 8 October 2021 A Silent Debate in RE Today we explored the section in the Torah (and old testament) Leviticus, Chapter 19 often called 'The Holiness Code'. This has laws and commandments related to how you should live your life in a holy way. We carried out a 'silent debate' around the different parts of the text and considered how Jewish People might interpret them. We answered each other's questions and then made suggestions about how people might put these into practice in a modern society. We realised that there are a lot of links with Christian values.
  • Friday 8 October 2021 Is it opaque? Our Science Enquiry In Science this week, Miss Watson told us about a problem she's been having where the street light outside her house has been waking her up at night. Miss Watson asked the children what to do and they suggested making some curtains/ blinds which were completely opaque. The children then set up their own investigations to work out which material would work best. The children showed great teamwork and even created their own scoring systems. By the end of the lesson all children had recorded their results and were able to rank the materials from most opaque to most transparent. Looks like I'm off to buy a blind made of cardboard! Great enquiry skills Year 2.
  • Friday 8 October 2021 Shoe-box Sukkah
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Trip to Amersham Field Studies Centre Year 3 had a wonderful day at the Amersham Field Studies Centre last Wednesday. They found out about different kinds of rocks and what they can be used for, explored a variety of soils and discovered the fascinating world of fossils. Year 3 really made the most of the day and undertook a variety of experiments to get their science skills rock solid! Well done Year 3!
  • Sunday 3 October 2021 Sunny Days As we come into autumn and our days begin to get shorter, year 5 have been thinking about why we get day and night.
  • Friday 1 October 2021 YEAR 6 VISITS WHIPSNADE ZOO On Monday we had a really enjoyable and informative day at Whipsnade Zoo. We have been learning about classification in Science and we attended a great workshop that helped us really understand the Linnean Classification system. We also got to meet Charlie the cockroach!
  • Wednesday 29 September 2021 Eco Warriors - Weekly Challenge Our new Eco Leaders will be updating our Eco Blog regularly and setting some Eco Challenges to help our families become more environmentally friendly. This week, we would like to challenge you to walk to work and to school! Take that time to leave a little earlier to make sure you get there on time and to reduce air pollution at the same time.
  • Tuesday 28 September 2021 Pond Dipping for Bog Babies Year One went pond dipping looking for Bog Babies! Sadly, there were no Bog Babies to be found but we did find lots of newts, water snails and pondskaters. We enjoyed the story of The Bog Baby and even made our own Bog Babies in class. Be sure to let Year One know if you find any Bog Babies when you are out and about exploring!
  • Monday 20 September 2021 Starting School Today was our first full day at school!
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