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  • Friday 26 May 2023 Celtic trip
  • Friday 26 May 2023 L'chaim!
  • Thursday 25 May 2023 Jam sandwiches and maths In maths in Year 1 we have been learning about fractions. Today we were learning how to find a quarter of an object or a shape.
  • Friday 19 May 2023 Health Week This week, for health week, the children discussed how to have a healthy body and healthy mind.
  • Friday 19 May 2023 An exciting visit to the seaside Rather early on a cloudy Wednesday, Year 1 set off to the seaside to carry on their Geography learning. Despite a chilly forecast, it was quite mild when we arrived and set up camp on a deserted beach.
  • Thursday 18 May 2023 A Mindful Afternoon As part of our healthy school's week, year 5 investigated the importance of maintaining mental health. Mindful mediation is a good way of help do this and we had a go at a five minute mediation as a class.
  • Thursday 18 May 2023 Sports Day The week started with the Year 3 athletics taking part in the fun packed Sports Day. First, all the children enjoyed a variety of competitions such as Tennis Tap ups, Raft, Football shoots or Speed stacking in their House groups.
  • Wednesday 17 May 2023 Inventing stories The children enjoyed telling their own stories based on Stone Age Boy. Using this story, we have made some changes to the main character or the adventures that happen to the character. It was fun using sticks, leaves and stones to help us tell the story.
  • Tuesday 16 May 2023 More outdoor angles As part of outdoor learning week, year 5 carried out further investigations into angles. We stood in various spots around the playground, rotated through certain angles (such as 315 degrees anti-clockwise) and noted our new direction.
  • Tuesday 16 May 2023 Budding Gardeners This week, as part of Outdoor Learning Week, we have been busy planting lots of seeds in our new raised beds. So far, we have planted sweetcorn, sunflowers and carrots. We have been learning how to space the seeds out, prepare the soil and have been diligently watering the ground. We can't wait to see what happens! We have also been writing labels during our exploration to help us to remember what we have planted in the raised beds. Thank you to all the families who have donated seeds for our garden area!
  • Tuesday 16 May 2023 Our Last Sports Day! Year 6 enjoyed their last Sports Day at St Andrew's on Monday. They were responsible for ensuring their team participated in each activity to score as many points as possible. They then took part in the final races which got very competitive! Everyone had a fun and memorable morning.
  • Saturday 13 May 2023 Year 6 Enterprise Year 6 have been working hard to plan their enterprise project in order to raise funds for their residential trip to the Isle of Wight. The students organised themselves into teams and came up with a business plan in order to make the most profit. This week our first group 'Brush and Blend' ran a glitter tattoo and face painting stall. The students spent their lunch times creating their marketing materials and practising their techniques. There was a huge turn out, thank you to those that came and supported. Next week will be a bring and buy stall accompanied by an arts and crafts stall.
  • Friday 12 May 2023 A local walk for Year 1 As part of Geography this term, Year 1 embarked on a walk from the school to Windmill Hill in the centre of Hitchin. Our objective was to see if we could recognise and record different geographical features of Hitchin and sort them into physical features (those that occur naturally) and human features (those which have been built into the town).
  • Friday 12 May 2023 Mad for stats! This week the children have worked extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum. They have really ran with their new Maths topic where we have been looking at statistics, the children have loved collecting data and putting this into tally charts and block diagrams.
  • Friday 12 May 2023 Hudnall Park Pictures The trip has come to an end but we are sure the memories will remain forever!
  • Friday 12 May 2023 Mysterious Happenings in Reception This week, we have been exploring some mysterious happenings in Reception. We found what looked like a spaceship in the playground as well as some suspicious footprints leading to the Mud Kitchen. Even stranger, we found some writing in a different language on the ground. We wondered whether who might have left such an unusual message for us! We wrote letters to Ms Fenn to explain what we had found out and we wonder what will happen next....
  • Thursday 11 May 2023 News reporters Following the historical event last weekend, the children wrote their own newspaper reports about the coronation of King Charles III. This journey started with looking at and investigating the layout of the real newspaper articles. We then discuss the features and the language used. This helped us to plan and eventually write our own version. The young journalists certainly have shown the enthusiasm and professionalism in the reporting of the real event.
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Coronation The thumbnail has been assigned to the news item, and for convenience also added to the body here:
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Learning about the Coronation
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Hudnall Park Day 3 On Day 3, the children started off their day by checking the mammal traps they set last night.
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Growth and Coronation! This week the children have spent a lot of time looking at our big question: What is a coronation ceremony They have enjoyed exploring this and learning about what they should expect from the coronation on Saturday.
  • Friday 5 May 2023 The New School Magazine This week we are very proud to announce the publication of the first edition of our school magazine - The Saint. This has been produced and edited by three very dedicated and talented members of year 5.
  • Thursday 4 May 2023 Hudnall Park Day 2 Day 2 was all about rivers!
  • Thursday 4 May 2023 Hudnall Park Day 1 We had an eventful first day at Hudnall Park! The children participated in various activities including low ropes, orienteering, and a zip line challenge.
  • Wednesday 3 May 2023 Outdoor Angles Have you ever noticed the vast array of angles that are in our everyday environment. Today, we made special angle classifiers and investigated the types of angles we could see in our playground.
  • Wednesday 3 May 2023 Caterpillar News Just after Easter holidays, we had some new arrivals to Nursery - caterpillars! Children have spent the last few weeks carefully and excitedly watching the caterpillars moving, growing and all the changes taking place. We have learned about their lifecycle and even thought about what kind of minibeast we might like to be if we got the opportunity. Finally today, we think they might be about to make their chrysalis...... watch this space!
  • Sunday 30 April 2023 Gestation This week we began our new science topic on human growth. We began by thinking about how mammals reproduced and learned what is meant by the gestation period.
  • Sunday 30 April 2023 Amulets Have you ever thought about the meaning behind the clothes and or Jewellery you wear. the Ancient Mayans wore jewellery that had great significance.
  • Friday 28 April 2023 Minibeasts Recently Nursery went on a minibeast hunt to the Forest School area. We began our session by having a conversation about what kinds of minibeasts might live or frequent our Forest School and where we might find them. Children gave suggestions such as worms, spiders, slugs and snails! From our previous work on minibeasts, we knew to look in dark cool places such as under logs, leaves and stones. The children were careful and respectful of our environment too – e.g. rolling logs slowly and replacing them when finished, etc.
  • Friday 28 April 2023 Growing plants in science In science, Year 1 have been learning about plants. As part of the topic, they each planted a runner bean seed in soil in a clear cup and have been observing how the plants sprout and then grow.
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