St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


9th February 2018

As promised, here is an example motivational speech by Jimi…

“Gentlemen, we are gathered here today because our ship (Endurance) sadly sunk. We must travel far and wide to find help. No matter how hard it is. No matter how long. No matter how painful it is to survive the weather, we will sail to find our destination.
              I know that we only have the bodies of strong men. We do not have the money of rich people but that doesn’t matter. We will find help. Live or die, it’s your choice.
             I am sure that you already know that for your bravery, you deserve more than enough rewards. So, we shall fight until we cannot fight any more. We will not succumb to the millions of tonnes of ice. 
           You do not want to die, do you?…Then off we go!” 

The inspiration from Elizabeth I’s Tilbury speech is clear in Jimi’s example which he delivered with conviction.

On Tuesday the children attended the microscope workshop. They were able to use digital microscopes set up with a laptop to observe various materials from fabric to sugar crystals. The children were very surprised to see that white flour has a shine to it at x200 magnification and that sugar looks like ice cubes!
The children watched a large brown sugar crystal dissolve in water under the microscope at x10 magnification. The children were taught to record this process as a time-lapse video.