St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


A creative start to the Spring term

Since coming back from Christmas, we have been getting very creative;

After the 'monitor and evaluate' stage of the reflection process, we planned to build on the challenge we had encountered last term by working on a larger scale and in groups. This time, we had to plan differently because we were incorporating the ideas of all members of the group and not just our own. Because everyone in our group had explored this on an individual scale we could share what worked well for us and use that to develop the group's piece.

Today we took part in a Sea Shanty musical workshop with a visiting musician. Year 5 worked with Year 6 to listen to the banjo being played and learnt to sing some sea shanties. We also had the chance to make up our own verses about school. The visitor was very impressed with our harmonies!

In other news, we are starting a new book in English; a non fiction called Shackleton's Journey. We hope to find out more about the crew members and their incredible journey through the Antarctic.