St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary



Active Learning in action!

Active learning this morning really was very active!  The Wren group were tasked to design and create patterns using our magic maths sticks.  To Mrs Knappert's and Mrs Simmonds' surprise and delight, the children decided to work together to create a long chain of sticks instead.  They worked carefully to link the ends of the sticks together by matching the colours.  All children in the group participated with enthusiasm and teamwork, demonstrating school values of co-operation, friendship and motivation to complete their self-chosen goal.  Comments from the children ranged from "put another one there", "now it's your turn", "have you got a blue one?" and "this is soooo fun!".  Once finished, everyone was so excited to see how far the chain reached - well done from Mrs Knappert and Mrs Simmonds!