St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Adam and Eve - A philosophical discussion

This week we have been developing our philosophical discussion skills.around the story of the Fall. We considered the questions 

Did God treat Adam and Eve fairly?

We began by hot seating the different characters from the story. Here are some of the questions we asked the characters. 

Below are some of the issues raised and points made during our discussion. 

Did God treat Adam and Eve unfairly?

No. I think the treated them fairly because God made both Adam and Eve and did so much for them. He only asked them to do one thing in return. He had the right to be cross.

I partly agree with you. They did a bad thing so they should have been punished but probably not so harshly. After all the snake tricked them.

I think God’s punishments were fair. The snake’s punishments were the worst because he was the one who encouraged Adam and Eve to do the wrong thing.

I think they were unfairly treated because you need to second chance when you are learning how to do the right thing. God when straight to the highest level of punishment.

I disagree with this. In real life, you do not get a second chance.

I agree with this. You need to be punished when you have done something wrong. You will not learnt do the right things.

I understand what you were saying but I think the punishment was too harsh for just eating fruit.

I think they were treated unfairly because they didn’t know what the punishment was going to be for eating the fruit.  

 I think you will agree, there were some very convincing arguments made.