St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Autumn Colours...

We have continued to explore Autumn this week. As we look around Nursery and the school grounds, we see autumnal colours everywhere we turn through the leaves and trees. Being inquisitive and inventive, the Nursery children don't stop there though! This week, they noticed similarities between Autumnal colours and fire. Working together, they created a pretend fire using the cones and re-enacted being fire fighters, extinguishing it with the hosepipe. Great fun was had and we’ve even begun work on constructing our own Nursery Fire Engine.

Nature has been brought indoors this week through our leaf sun catchers. Children painted their surrounds, collected their own leaves and designed their leaf patterns. The results are very impressive!

Finally, we’ve really enjoyed our time being outside this week climbing and jumping from the walls and playing in the rain. The trikes have been a big hit this week as well. Not only for the children…!