St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Bird Boxes in the Silver Birches

In Year 5, we are working to develop the outdoor area at St. Andrew's and increase the biodiversity of our school environment. We have already planted a wildflower meadow and now, we are hoping to attract robins and blue tits to our school to make their nests in our specially constructed bird boxes. Before we can place the bird boxes around the site, we investigated the school grounds to identify the most suitable locations. We considered the height of the boxes as well as the direction they are facing. We want to make sure that the bird boxes are facing north-east so that they don't get too warm in the sun. We have plotted the most suitable areas on a map of the school and look forward to hanging the bird boxes in the next few weeks ready for the birds to nest. Fingers crossed, some birds will be able to make their homes in the bird boxes this year. Look out for any birds nesting next time you are in the woodlands...