St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Celebrating diversity in EYFS

This week, we have been celebrating the diversity within our class and also learning about other traditions and cultures around the world.  Children were invited to reflect on their family’s culture and share their knowledge and experiences with their peers.

We had lots of fun and opportunity to explore some different traditions from around the world.  We made headdresses from the Phillippines, couscous from Tunisia, explored spices from India and made our own diva lamps and rangoli patterns using paint and chalk.  We also created paper-chains and flags to decorate our learning environment and designed and made our own musical instruments for Carnival day - phew!  A huge Thank You to all the volunteers, parents and grandparents that came into school to share their culture and experiences with us - you really helped to enrich the children’s learning by bringing it all to life. 

To conclude the week, children were invited to wear some traditional clothes to school.   We enjoyed our own Carnival and all the children participated by wearing their carnival headdresses and talking about their own culture, families and home experiences.