St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Cycling and more

Year 5 have been very busy this week! With fantastic weather, the children have been improving their cycling skills. "The cycling has been so fun! The instructors have been really helpful because they will show us what to do when we forget. We have all been helping each other and not criticising  when we forget something." Matilda.

"I really like that we have learnt about rules on the road such as letting the car come past if we have something in our way on our side of the road." Beatrice

"I enjoyed learning how to turn different ways and signalling." Wilf

"I learnt how to look behind me before I turn and I used to think I needed to look forward." Jeddy

"I was checking all the road signs on my way to school." Amelie

In other fun this week, we took advantage of the lovely weather to gt outside for English. Following our learning on The Hobbit, the children worked in teams to create a home for either; Bilbo, Gandalf or Smaug using natural materials. They had to include features from the story in each of the homes. At the end each group presented their creation to the others. As you can see from the pictures the quality was very high! 

Gandalf - This group had a challenge because we don't get a description of where Gandalf lives but they used what they know about the character to image what he might have in this home; this included a magical, invisible window. It is difficult to see in the image but he has a little staff made from a twig.

Bilbo- This group used sticky weed to create a circular opening to his home. They also thought his garden would be important to him so they have created a beautiful and organised garden beside his Hobbit Hole. Because Bilbo cared about his lovely crockery, the group used a little acorn shell to create a bowl on his little dining table.

Smaug- You will notice the bed of yellow and purple which is the gold Smaug is hording. Amongst this is a stone which the group explained is the Arken Stone. The log and sticks are forming the mountains. The group thought using bricks and stones around it made it look more castle / dragon - like.