St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Environmental week

Year 5 have had an action packed week back after half term with Environmental Week and it isn't over yet; next week the children will be visited by Affinity Water who will lead practical workshops about conserving water and the water cycle. This week the children applied knowledge of pulley systems from design & technology to a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) challenge. The children learnt about the work of the charity Practical Action who support communities around the world. The example the children had was a Nepalese farmer who had been carrying his tomatoes down the mountainside in a basket by hand (or more accurately by head!). Using their knowledge of pulleys the children worked as teams to design and make a pulley system which could improve the lives of the farmers. Below are a few examples of the creations...

This week the children have also been getting practical in their science learning about the reproductive systems of flowering plants. The children already knew the names for the parts and the process of a flowering plant but today had the chance to dissect a flower and see all the parts for themselves. This required 'precision' according to Teddy and lots of close observation.