St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Exploring our values and using our talk-think skills

After some interesting groupthink discussions in PSHE and worship this week, Year One elected to explore our value of the month -Compassion.  The children worked in groups to recap all they could remember from our last lesson on Compassion and to link it to their understandings of the Easter story.  They then each created their own symbolic picture using some of the images, scenarios and language which they associate with the value. 

In the children's discussions, connections were made to resilience ('you need that to overcome the problems that need the compassion for'); persevering ('what if the person doesn't want your compassion?  You have to never give up trying to give it to them' - Hannah) and justice ('sometimes compassion and being caring means saying sorry and knowing when you have not shown our values').  The chidren produced some sketches representing their ideas which will be turned into watercolour symbolic picures next week for display in the class Spiritual Area.