St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Friday 8th December

We finished our topic on The Senses with a tricky challenge!

Mrs Evans put some salt in a pot and then some sugar in another pot, but she couldn’t remember which one was which!  We had to use our senses to find out!

We decided that we had to be safe when we were testing unknown objects, so we started with the sense of sight.  Both pots looked similar – tiny white particles, so that didn’t help.  We then used the sense of smell – most of us thought that they didn’t have an odour, so that didn’t help!  We then used the sense of sound – when we shook them gently they had a very similar sound, so that didn’t help!  Next we used the sense of touch – they were both gritty like sand , so that didn’t help!  Finally we had to taste them!  We carefully took a few grains and put them in our mouth.  We could instantly tell the difference – the mystery was solved!

Our next Science project is all about Light.