St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Holy or Loving?

During the autumn term, we have been thinking about the holy and loving nature of God. 

We have looked at paintings that show the different sides of God. We then had a go at creating out own works of art. 

This Friday, we ended our topic with a philosophy session where we considered if it would be better for our world to have a totally holy or a completely loving God. 

Here are some of our comments. 

"I believe it would be better if God was holy. If we are always being forgiven when we do wrong things and are never punished, we will keep doing them." 

"I believe that it would be better if God was loving and rewards good behaviour. That way we will be more likely to do good things."

"A loving God would be better than a hash God who punishes us because I am more likely to do what a kind person wants than a horrible one. "

"I believe that when God is holy he gives too harsh punishments. His punishment of Adam and Eve was too hard. They only ate an apple."

"God has the right to punish us and decide what we should do. He created us! It was only an apple - it had a lot of meaning to God."