St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Hurray for Hudnall

The sun shone for us today at Hudnall and we had a wonderful time. 

Each of the activities we carried out was linked to our learning back in class.

Firstly, we carried out activities around our design and technology work this term. We used natural forest materials to build protective shelters. As we were building, we kept in mind the features they needed to make then successful - a thick and comfortable carpet, the need to be waterproof and draft proof and probably the  most important point - to be stable and safe. 

Each of the shelters were tested and needless to say, this led to many children getting a little bit wet.


After lunch, we carried out different activities around trees. We learnt how to estimate the height of trees using our knowledge of triangles, angles and length. 

All member of the class showed great respect to the teachers and helpers. They remained focussed throughout the day and should be very proud of the way they behaved. Well done year 5