St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Keep Learning and Carry On

One of the things that my family and I are really enjoying about being at home is having the time to develop new and existing skills.

I have been able to try some new recipes for family favourites. The new recipe I tried for meatballs and sauce from a well known flat-pack furniture store was truly yummy.


After a lot of persuasion, my teenage daughter has learnt how to use the mower and did an excellent job of the lawn yesterday.


 My husband has been taking his bonsai skills in a different direction by training whatever seedling trees and bushes he can find around the garden.


Finally, Poppy the dog has been developing her escapology and cat chasing skills. (This means that we are going to have to develop our fence building skills this weekend!)



Not everything we have tried has been a great success but we have learnt a lot by just having a go . For example, next time we trim Poppy's fur we must make sure that shaver is on the correct level I must take much more care when transplanting seedlings )

 None of these skills are particularly life changing but they still give you that warm sense of achievement.

What new skills have you learnt or developed while you have been at home? I would love to hear about them. Please post them on the school Facebook page.