St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Learning Behaviours

Year 5 have been thinking very hard about their approach to learning. They have identified skills which enable them to achieve the best learning they can and reflected on which of these skills they are strongest at currently and which ones they want to focus on developing. They have also thought carefully about what outcomes they will see from improving these skills. 

[Apologies; it doesn't seem to matter which way up I take this photo is it always downloading upside down! It says 'Which strategies are we already doing well?' and 'which strategies are we working to develop?' with the children's responses to this on display so we can review them in time to see the improvements.]

The children have also been thinking about the Plan - Monitor - Evaluate Reflection cycle in their learning. They have found it challenging to recognise that these three aspects happen throughout a piece of work rather than at the start, middle and end. The best examples of this have been in their writing; recognising that reflecting during the process of writing to ensure they have met the learning intension helps them to make useful adjustments during the lesson rather than having to go back afterwards. They are also using these strategies when faced with challenges they are not always certain how to tackle. The children reported they already feel they do this really well in maths and could share examples.

I hope this helps the children to feel empowered in their learning and feel they have more control over their confidence in facing challenges. So far they are really working to achieve this. Well done Year 5!