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Living with Alexander

Hello All!

Hope all of you have had a great summer children.

Everyone has settled well into year 4 and I am looking forward to meeting your all tomorrow afternoon.

Living with Alexander

During their Ancient Greece topic, Year 4 has been learning about the life and personality of Alexander III of Macedonia otherwise known as Alexander the Great.

We have considered if he actually deserves the title – Alexander the Great.

I think Alexander was truly great. This is because he was thoughtful and extremely clever. I have many important reasons to support my view.
Firstly he had great battle tactics. For example, when he was fighting in Persia he realised that his troops would fight more affectively on smooth rather than rough ground. Therefore he made sure that his enemies and their armies moved during the fight.

In addition to this, when he was younger, he saw a strong black horse rearing in the market place. Alexander watched the horse and realised that the reason he was behaving like this was because he was scared of his own shadow! He soon worked out how to calm it down.

For the exceptional reasons above, I hope you will support me in believing Alexander was truly great.

By Grace.

Having found out about his life story, I believe that Alexander was in fact not that great! I have even more important reasons to support my view.
Firstly he took over many countries including Egypt, Persia and Northern India. This was selfish because he already had enough land.

Furthermore he named all the cities he took over Alexandra. This would suggest he was a show off.

Finally he kept his troops fighting for many years. When he eventually decided that they could go home to Macedonia, he forced them to marry Persian princesses to strengthen his ties with Persia.

These actions tell us that he didn’t care about anyone but himself and therefore that he was not that great. By Amelie

We have used line, colour and shape to create abstract portraits of Alexander.

Sophia T
The shades of bronze represent the fact that he was royal and the King of Macedonia. I decided to choose the colour red to represent his bravery. Alexander fought bravely and was not afraid to die. I chose a lightning bolt to highlight his power. Alexander was selfish and cared only about his own needs. Therefore I used the dark colour black.

Sophia O
When Alexander went to fight, he was brave and not afraid to die. The red colour represents this. The gold crown shows that he was royal. I added a peach colour with a fist stencilled on it to show his power. The areas of black show that he was selfish because he took over all of the countries that he wanted.