St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Looking After God's Creation

Two plants were presented to the children. They were told that one would be watered and that one would not. They had to consider how this might link to the story of Creation.

Here are some of their responses:

"God made seeds and then they grew."

"God made flowers for  us to look after but if you water only one then the other might die."

"God didn't make it because we planted the seed. Humans and God created it while showing koinonia"

"Everything is linked to creation because everything is part of the world and God made this."

"If you don't water the flowers then God might be unhappy with humans. He may choose to do something"

"We could give one plant water and one light to share what we give."

"God made the world and all of the nature on it and we should respect his creation." 

Children went on to predict that

- There will be a bad impact on God's creation if one is not watered

- God's creation won't stay as he intended

- God may be angry and break the world