St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Marvellous Maths in Year 4 - Pesky Rabbits

Today for World Book and Maths Day, we all dressed up as our favourite maths concept or number, and then debated with the class our reasons for choosing it.  We had an impassioned argument in defence of Dice from some children, a fascinating day in the life of the Human Calculator, a strong argument in favour of the under-appreciated number 17, and an emotive set of reasons why the number 2 is in fact The name but a few!

The main Maths Problem of the day was based on Enily Gravett's 'The Rabbit Problem'.  Following the Fibonacci sequence, how many rabbits would there be in the field after 3 months, after 6, or at the end of the year?   We explored a variety of different ways to solve the problem but all agreed that using a blend of concrete (rabbit pictures) and pictorial (rabbit family trees) was the surest way to get the correct answers.

Well done Year 4 on an engaging and fascinating investigation into number sequence!

Mrs Hadley