St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Meet our new Nursery teachers!

This week we have been very lucky in Nursery because we have gained lots of new teachers! Inspired by our love of singing, several of the afternoon children have been leading their own 'teaching sessions' on the piazza and practising their turn-taking skills in the process...

Our new teachers have shown their pupils the class timetable to talk about what they are going to do today, used the interactive whiteboard to access phonics activities and our speckled frogs game (almost entirely independently!), and even created new ways to represent some of their favourite songs, such as bringing the pipes from the construction area to the piazza so that they can use them as their 'speckled logs', and using the piazza step as a 'bed' for the little monkeys to jump on/fall off. These brilliant ideas were shared during our reflection time at the end of the session so that they could teach the whole class the new and improved editions of their favourite nursery rhymes.