St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Nursery's Walk in the Park

As part of Health Week, Nursery enjoyed a walk across Hitchin to Ransoms Rec. On the way, children were very observant and pointed out lots from their surroundings. “We have bins like that at home... 2 purple ones, a brown one and black one” and “There’s a golden chicken on top of the church!” We practised our road safety skills as well, crossing only when safe to do so and using the designated crossings, “You need to wait for the green person.”

Once at the park, we explored the open field and community garden. Finally, a secret passage led us to... the playground! The social skills and interaction the Nursery children demonstrated was amazing, especially sharing the area with members of the public. They took turns on the slides and swings and helped one another when climbing on the rock wall. In all the excitement, some of us forgot to conserve any energy for the walk back to school! The Nursery children boldly carried on though and we enjoyed snack and story time when you arrived back.