St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Our Philosophical Debate

As we reach the end of each R.E. topic, we like to spend time expressing out own view around it.

This time we debated the question -

Should we strive to make the world like the kingdom of God?

Below are just some of our views.


God’s Kingdom would mean that it had not been polluted or destroyed. This would mean that wouldn’t be able to have any form of mechanical transport or visit other countries. Even renewable energy destroys the environment a little bit. Many things would have to be done by hand and this is hard work. As a result, it would limit our life experiences and our world would be quite boring. A life without electricity would be very different and not very interesting.


God’s Kingdom would mean that everyone is happy and there would be no arguments. If you are happy the whole time, it would again be boring. You need some pain and unhappiness to realise that you are actually happy. It also assumes that we are all the same. We have the same views on things and we are the same sort of people. This would make us rather soulless. We would lose the pleasure we get from being unique individuals with our own views.


We also thought that the kingdom of God would be a world without difficulties to overcome and challenges. Most people enjoy challenges. It may be better to enjoy the journey and making the world more the kingdom of God than the actual kingdom of God.


The kingdom of God would not have poverty. This would mean that our wealth would have to be shared. The people in the developed world would have a far more difficult life to the one they have now. They would experience a certain degree of poverty.