St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Representing Creation

We have been revising the story of creation as part of our Religious Education. We looked at art work created by Kate Neal and considered how she had represented each day of creation. We found out that she had used a range of tints and shades of colours to represent her ideas. 

Miss Edey hid Kate Neal's representation of day 6. We had to imagine how we thought Kate Neal would represent this. From here we created our own representations using a range of tints and shades. 

We then looked at Kate Neal's and compared hers with our own representations. We compared our representations among our peers and decided whether we agreed or disagreed with their representations. 


"I disagree that you represented humans apart from one another. I believe that we should represent Adam and Eve together as they were friends. I would have used blue to represent them in St Andrew's school uniform"