St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


The Minibeasts have arrived!

Reception have always shown an interest in the wildlife in our environment. During STEM week we explored this further through a minibeast hunt which everyone loved!

Following this we have decided to explore minibeasts even further! Our classroom now has it's own minibeast centre where the children are learning to be scientists, exploring our littlest animals! So far we have had to build homes for stick insects and even take them to animal hospital!

We also have our very own real caterpillars! We will be investigating the life cycle of caterpillars and watching them with our very own eyes.

We have named each caterpillar - Twinkle, Sparkle, Lily and Speedy and cannot wait to see how they grow and transform in the coming weeks!

We have also been exploring our environment looking for more minibeasts, so far we have found: snails, caterpillars, ants and worms!