St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Visiting Antarctica

Recently, we visited the frozen continent of Antarctica. To launch our exciting learning about this special place, we dressed in our warmest clothes and packed our bags ready for the journey to the South Pole. We even remembered to bring food for the huskies pulling our sledges, warm soup to keep us warm and hot chocolate to warm us after a day out in the ice and biting winds.

During the day, we learnt about the environment in Antarctica and which animals live in that habitat. We also learnt how to measure the different animals using non-standard units and measured their length using our footsteps! The orca was incredibly long! We also used different media to create a frieze for our classroom complete with emperor penguins.


One of our highlights of the day was also our science investigation as we learnt to make predictions about how we could help the Lego man frozen in the ice to escape. We thought carefully about what makes ice melt and which conditions would free him most quickly! What an exciting, fun-filled day!