St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Windmill Hill Sketching!

Throughout the Autumn term, Year 2 have been looking at Tudor houses linked to our Great Fire of London topic. We are very lucky in where we live, and we had the opportunity to sketch some Tudor style buildings in our local area. On the first Friday back from Half Term Year 2 went for a walk into town to see what we could sketch and the links we could make from our previous learning. The children were incredibly excited about our walk to the hill in Hitchin, we had discussed the style of sketching we have been looking at and how the materials these buildings were built in had a massive impact on how the Great Fire of London spread through the city.

On our local visit the children took some sketching paper so that they could explore the different shapes and patterns on the buildings, focussing on the wooden beams that we can see. In our discussions before our local visit, the children had discussed the things they were looking for which highlighted the knowledge they have gained through our learning. Year 2 had spent 30-40 minutes on the hill in Hitchin where they looked at the various buildings, they experimented with the styles of building and sketched them in various ways. We have also looked at how we can use our sketching to change the style of buildings by making them look more like a cartoon, it was great to see the children explore this while they were out and about.

Year 2 were a credit to St Andrew’s, they behaved beautifully and applied all the skills we have been learning over the last half term. Well done!