St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Year 4 Challenge Warriors Mark 2

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Year 4 Challenge Warriors – Thursday 1st July 2021

Year 4 have been spending some time in Maths recently thinking about ‘Guided Reasoning’, and how the language we use in maths – both to explain and to explore a problem – can be either a help or sometimes a distraction.

We have been thinking about how to apply that when exploring scaling problems using our knowledge of fractions.  Today, the children worked in teams to explore a Warrior challenge, produce an explanatory poster and feedback to the class on the most effective strategy they used to solve the problem.  The oral focus was very much on articulating their solutions using accurate mathematical language and ensuring that their choice of method was rationalised as to its efficiency in manipulating fractions.

The problems included a puzzle about potions, a tricky missing fraction problem, and a taxing compound perimeter problem.  Some children chose to challenge themselves further and include suggestions for how they could set up and explain their problem to a child in Year 1, which involved some creative adaptations to their original problem!

Each group used a variety of fluency methods and representations to explore and elucidate their mathematical understandings, and excellent school values of Koinonia and collaboration were demonstrated by all.

Well done warriors for another stretching and fascinating day of challenge!

Mrs Hadley