St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Year 5 so far...

We have had a very busy start to Year 5. The children have been adjusting to the expectations of Upper Key Stage Two and have been producing some fantastic work. 
In maths the children started by familiarising themselves with five and six digit numbers. More recently they have learnt about negative numbers. We even had a class challenge around the question; 'negative numbers are smaller than decimals? true or false' which really got some heads scratching!

Our Ancestors, Heirlooms and Curios project got off to a great start by finding out about life in the Priory at the very beginning during the time the Carmelite Monks lived there. We found out how the Radcliffe family came to own the building and continued to do so for over four hundred years; all the way up to relatively modern times when Anne Melicent Delme-Radcliffe sold it in 1965.