St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Year One Visit to Holy Saviour

As part of our RE work exploring the Gospels, Year One enjoyed a personal tour of Holy Saviour by Fr Ian and learned about some of the symbolism of the Christian church: the cross shape design, the stations of the cross, the significance of the Font and much more.

The children linked their explorations to the enquiry question: how does the design of a church reflect some of the elements of the Good News?  Back at school the children designed their own church floor plans incorporating some of these elements.  This will be continued in our next lesson.

Year one wish to thank Fr Ian for a fascinating tour of the church.  We even learned that 'Vicars are like Dr Whos.. there is always one, but he just changes from time to time...'  Many thanks Fr Ian and well done Year One for super ambassadorial work on behalf of St Andrews!