St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Family Learning

EYFS and Year1 Curriculum Evening- Literacy Workshop

A parent workshop was held on Tuesday 8th October 2019 which provided valuable information about how phonics, reading and writing is taught in EYFS. The workshop explained the early phases of phonological development supporting children in Nursery and Reception.

Click here for the Fluency in the Early Years presentation

KS2 Curriculum Evening

The Curriculum Evening on Thursday 7th November explained some of the strategies teachers use to teach grammar and spelling.

 Family Learning Week 2019

This year the focus is on English, specifically Spelling and Grammar. The current curriculum includes a greater focus on grammar and spelling than had been the case previously, with the Year 6 Sats including a paper specifically covering Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Having a good understanding of grammar is essential for children, allowing them to build words into sentences that communicate exactly what they want to say. Underpinning this is a good knowledge of vocabulary and the facility to spell words accurately.